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Resting in the Divine

On March 13 I flew into Guatemala City.  I was picked up from the airport and driven to Antigua.  Our guide told us that Antigua, a town of about 6 square blocks, is one of those special locations chosen by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. My favorite place in Antigua is a monastery turned […]

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…I have brailled my way through life. That feeling my way through long periods of darkness, I’ve learned that the darkness and the light come from the same source, and that for too many of us, getting through the darkness is our only road to getting to the light. ~Francisco Genkoji Lugoviña, Meeting in the Darkness


  • Ruben Rodriguez

    Teresa embodies a rare alignment of head, heart and body - a sharp intellect, an empathetic heart and a healing presence... I have known Teresa for over five years and find her to be a very gifted…

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