Carol Bade

 I find Teresa to be clear, compassionate and deeply caring.

229916_4560011551562_909464260_n[1]Teresa is a fantastic coach. She listens well and helps you understand what you are really needing. So often I get caught up in what is going on that I lose track of what I really want and how to get there. Teresa has helped me to understand what is really going on. I find Teresa to be clear, compassionate and deeply caring. A wonderful support person.



Article by Teresa Rose

"Teresa Rose is an empathic coach, conflict resolution facilitator, teacher, mother and long-time advocate of nonviolence. She works with organizations and individuals in the San Francisco Bay Area. You can find out more about Teresa by visiting, or by calling her for a complimentary 20 minute phone consultation."

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The journey Home is not an ideological experience. It takes place in the heart, in the great stream of feelings which flow through us. Our return to truth is a return to simplicity and not to cosmic information. ~Stephen Schwartz


  • Cindy Bigbie

    I had NVC skills prior to this learning, but Teresa modeled confidence in the ability to connect and helped to add to my own confidence. I am so grateful to Teresa for teaching and modeling how…

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